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of homeland security says a u.s. border patrol agent was killed and another wounded in a shooting near the u.s.-mexico border in arizona. the department says the agents were involved in a shooting on duty near the town of naco this morning. the wounded agent is being airlift to the hospital. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along. >> reporter: in vallejo, a house fire destroyed half a home and injured a firefighter. three-alarm fire. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran was the first reporter on the scene and spoke with the homeowner about some daring rescue attempts. she joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: i spoke with the two people in the house. it was a father and son. and thank goodness the smoke alarms went off. they had a second security system that called them and asked them if they were okay so they were well prepared for this fire. you want to look at this damage now. the call came in around 3:15 this morning as a brush fire and half the house was in flames when firefighters got here on scene. they say the flames were up to 30 feet high. vallejo fire department had to
envoy to libya killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. he grew up in the bay area. senator dianne feinstein as well as the ambassador in the united states will attend the service. >>> hillary clinton is taking responsibility for the blame she say the security for diplomats abroad is her job. joe biden said the white house was not aware of requests to increase security at the consulate in benghazi. three other americans were also killed. >>> a small town rocked by a dance studio scandal. >>> and how a tour guide nearly lost a limb teasing the reptile. >>> and a hotel worker fired after a celebrity encounter, the comment about jennifer anist o on that cost him his job. ,, (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >>> where he well, here we go. a >>> time now 6:10. did the u.s. ignore warnings about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya? the new allegations. >> and another big night for baseball fans in the bay area. could the as tie texas for the divisional lead today? we'll talk about that coming up. >>> one step at a time we're saving the earth. >> an east bay school shows a little goes a long way to help the environment. see why they are cbs 5's first cool school. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. bombings in aleppo. a syrian government official says at least 31 people have been killed... and scores of le wounded. the >>> more deadly violence? syria. a syrian government official said at least 31 people have been killed in aleppo and scores of others wounded. the explosives went off in a main square. aleppo has seen intensified fighting lately between president assad's regime and the rebels trying to oust him. >>> two republican lawmakers claim state department officials in libya had requested tighter security b
's theat. 2,000 people are expected to show up including the vatican's ambassador to the u.s. this also includes protestors who will be here an hour before the mass. the former oakland bishop was a key driving force behind prop 8. now this favored him with fellow catholics. still some parishioners say he will be welcomed in san francisco. >> hopefully, by attending mass here, he will see how important this church is and what it does. there are a lot of elements of the catholic church which unfortunately hold that position and a place like this kind of challenges that on its own level. >> reporter: cordileone was oakland bishop for the past three years making headlines when he was arrested in san diego last month. he was charged with drunk driving and later apologized. now, if you can't catch today's installation, we'll be streaming it live on our website at live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> tensions escalate in the middle east as turkey retaliates against syria. >> what if bin laden had been caught alive? a new book reveals president obama's plans
for the u.s. to take a more assertive role in syria, put conditions on aid to egypt and tighten sanctions on iran. with a month to go to the election national polls show the race for the white house is tightening. >>> right now california is the most expensive place for gas in the nation. and this morning our governor jerry brown is taking action all in an effort to drive down some of the costs. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports on the governor's idea to ease record high prices. >> reporter: good morning. the governor is asking state regulators to release a less expensive blend but experts say even with that move we won't see prices drop right away. this winter blend comes out on november 1. it will bring up gas supplies 8 to 10% and might drop gas prices 15 to 20 cents a gallon. but it could take a week before we see any changes. according to aaa, prices today are at record highs. in san francisco, you're paying $4.73 for a gallon of regular. and in san jose and oakland it's $4.67. our state supplies were cut short after richmond's chevron refinery fire in august and last week a power
at work at the white house. >>> today the u.s. supreme court is set to take on the issue of affirmative action at universities. the justices will hear arguments over university of texas programs that use race as a factor in a quarter of its incoming classes. opponents say the university is practicing illegal discrimination. the case could produce new limits on affirmative action at universities. >>> the as and the giants still alive in the play-offs, exciting. >> yeah. both with big wins last night. >> coco crisp leaps and catches it! >> how about that catch. certainly got the as fired up. they beat the tigers 2-0. detroit still leads the best-of- five series 2 games to 1. game 4 set to go tonight in observations. >>> we'll go out there tonight and just play baseball like we have been doing all year. just try to soak up the moment and just have the best time that we can hopefully try to go out and shock some people. >> that's aj griffin the rookie who will take the hill tonight at 6:30 against the tigers. >> hannigan goes down the line, slide and did he make the play? yes, he did! >> y
stevens. ♪ [ music ] stevens was killed last month in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. among those at yesterday's memorial service were mayor ed lee and senator dianne feinstein. the libyan ambassador to the united states expressed his government's regret. >> we're very sorry. you send us one of your best diplomats but unfortunate will not be able to protect him. >> he said stevens was a good diplomat because he was interested in the lives of the libyan people. during the service has younger sister anne said his optimism inspired her to learn about the middle east. chris stevens of course a graduate of cal and grew up in piedmont and a good guy. i went to college with him. >> you were there at the service. >> i was there. i was really touched. his two sisters are doctors, his brother is a very good attorney. they both spoke. and a lot of laughter, george schultz former secretary of state, 92, got up there and just brought it all home. he was amazing. and the ambassador to libya, he was really -- >> chris was quite the character and his family -- >> chris was just a l
show last night. he had this to say about controversial comments on rape by republican u.s. senate candidate richard mourdock of indiana. >> rape is rape. it is a crime. so these very distinctions about rape and -- don't make too much sense to me, don't make any sense. >> the president is at a rally in tampa. this is a live picture right now of that rally and he will finish his two-day campaign marathon in ohio tonight after casting his own ballot in his hometown of chicago. >> they have been busy. >>> a new poll shows governor brown's tax proposal could be in trouble. prop 30 calls for higher income taxes for the wealthiest californians and a temporary quarter cent sales tax increase. a survey shows prop 30 with a very slight 48-44% lead. analysts say though in general people undecided this late tend to vote against such measures. defeat of prop 30 would trigger budget cuts for education from elementary school through college. >>> time now 6:10. dangerous chemicals at daycare centers. the new health warning. >> plus, banned from the classroom now a bay area book club teaches stude
much of the u.s. east coast will have wind, rains, flooding and snow through sunday and wednesday. >> our weather will be much better. lawrence say that it's going to be nice. he is doing a little boo at the zoo action, aren't you this, big guy? >> yeah, it's a little cold. watch this. you see that? condensation. a little spooky out here at the zoo but it's going to be a great time if you want to come out. bao at the zoo this weekend in oakland. should be a great time to get out with all the kids dress them up in costume and have a great time with lots of fun activities, too. >>> we are starting out chilly. those temperatures running in the 40s and 50s out the door right now. so grab your jacket if you are heading out. but by the afternoon you can probably leave tha behind. high pressure building so temperatures will warm up. some of the numbers by the afternoon well into the 70s inland. you will see a lot of 60s inside the bay and 60s at the coast, mostly sunny should be a great weekend too. we'll have more on the weekend and more boo on the zoo and also some special guests comi
americans and translator are among the dead. yesterday, a u.s. soldier and american contractor were killed in inside era tack. 25 of the killings came in car bombings and shootings. in eastern iraq a car bomber killed five policeman. the attacks are as a display of force. >> a new poll shows president obama in the lead now. shows mr. obama with 51% support compared to 44% for mitt romney. the president is now in one of those states right now as he prepares for the first debate. two men will face off in denver on wednesday night. president obama holding a rally in las vegas last night speaking to 11,000 people there. and senator john kerry is playing the poll. and rob port man is acting as romney. >> both are excellent in their own way. you could argue that mitt has had a lot more recent experience. >> the president has a day job. the president has been president and not had the time to practice. all we hear about is how much mitt romney is practicing, practicing, trafficking. >> we'll see how it goes. debate is on wednesday. focus on domestic policy. romney is speaking about foreign matter
assistance to the u.s. auto companies even if they went through bankruptcy. you said they could get it in the private marketplace. that wasn't true. they would have gone through a . >> you're wrong. >> no i am not wrong. >> you're wrong. >> i am not wrong. >> people can look it up. >> you're right, people will look it up. >> reporter: the auto industry is especially important in the battleground state of ohio. polls show president obama won the final two debates, but it's unclear whether his performance will result in a slowing or reversal of the support that mitt romney has been enjoying since the first debate. reporting live in boca raton, florida, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> and randall, a quick question. let's talk style. this was quite a bit different from debate number 2 especially with mitt romney. >> reporter: keeping them seats prevented some of the finger- pointing. but mitt romney was much less contentious and even agreeing with president obama more than we have heard him in this entire debate series. there was also a difference with president obama. he was asse
sounds like a disaster flick. a killer storm takes aim at big u.s. cities but this is real. >> this is very real. hurricane sandy is posed to strike the east coast within hours. it's already wreaking havoc. monster waves. high winds and authority ies are taking no chances at this point shutting down a number of flights, subways, and trains in the greater northeast and eastern sea board as well. >> we have team coverage on hurricane sandy in just a minute. >> but, first how about those giants? they are storming their way through the post season all the way to another world championship. >> got him looking. and the giants have won it all. >> they sure did. the giants completed the sweep of the tigers with a 4-3 winner in 10 innings. let the champaign go. most of the celebrations in san francisco were peaceful, some turned violent after the game ended. a number of fires were set in the streets of the mission district. kate is there now with the latest. >> she's checking the mess the fans left behind. there was debris in the street behind you earlier. >> reporter: it's still th
. no other airline reported similar problems. united airlines doesn't use the same type of seats and u.s. airways says they use a different type of hardware to lock down those seats. we are live at sfo. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> thank you. up next, one year without steve jobs of a special tribute today on the anniversary of the apple founder's death. >> a gay teen banned from the boy scouts' highest honor. how his mother's fight is getting national attention. >> and a little girl's tears of joy. how a stranger helped reunite her with her stolen puppy. a young american opened fire at a hotel in israel today... kill >>> time now 6:15. in your world, a young american opened fire at a hotel in israel today killing a chef before he was shot and killed by police. police in elat say the shooting appears to stem from a personal dispute. the gunman's name hasn't been released. police say antiterror units stormed the hotel and when the gunman fired at them from the hotel kitchen, officers fired back. >>> bodies of 18 children and an adult have been found after a la
, the u.s. not doing much to help. we saw our gdp only grow at a rate of 1.3% in the 2nd quarter. >>> chipmaker intel says it's going to lay off a small percentage of the workers in its mcafee division. there are 7100 workers there. intel bought the antivirus company two years ago for $7.6 billion. >>> wall street starting off lower. we kick off the corporate earnings season alumina maker alcoa reports after the closing bell. dow down 10, nasdaq down 11, s&p down 1. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and >>> 6:47. let's check the weather. >> do we have to? >> we do. >> it's going to rain. >> we do. >> it's getting really interesting out there right now. we may have already seen showers in parts of the north bay already and the core of the low is spinning off the coastline and could sends a few more showers our way. take a look at the doppler radar. very interesting haven't been able to see this for quite some time. but the core of the low bringing some showers but they are beginning to fall apart approaching the coastline. still there is a sligh
. >>> the u.s. anti-doping agency says lance armstrong was the master mind of widespread doping and it has 11 former teammates of armstrong's to back up that claim. the seven-time tour de france champ had dared the agency to prove that he had cheated and now they claim that they have enough evidence to say armstrong was at the center of, quote, the most sophisticated doping program for professional cycling has ever seen. armstrong's lawyer calls the report a one-sided hatchet job. >>> some encouraging news about jobs this morning. here to talk about that jason brooks with kcbs and on a thursday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the big drop in jobless claims brings the level down to 339,000 something we have not seen since february of 2008 down 30,000. that's good news after we saw the september jobless rate fall to 7.8% which was at a nearly four-year low. four-week average down to 364,000. could be a big buy-out in the wireless space. japan's soft link corporation is looking to buy third place carrier sprint for upwards of $12.8 billion. that's got sprint shares hi
to call. >>> a u.s. senator candidate statement about rape. in the debate last night richard mourdock was talking about abortion and how he feels it should only be allowed if it's to save the life of the mother. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> a romney spokesman says his comments don't reflect romney's views. he had a tv ad with mourdock. no word whether the ad will be pulled. >>> stranded for days in sierra snow. so why didn't an 82-year-old man use his cell phone to call for help? >> we're still trying to figure it out. >> plus he is the cutest addition to the san francisco zoo. how this little guy could have a big impact on the world series. >> and the market opened 10 minutes ago. it's been a tough couple of days but so far, so good out of the gate. everything is up. we'll talk numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks right after the break. for your halloween decorati- check this out. a rootop puk in leesb ♪[ music ] >> frank's learning all about gang man style. if you thought about chann
pellets when he was arrested at sfo. the u.s. customs department says emanuel amakoa was taken into custody last week after he attracted the attention of border patrol officers. they say he swallowed the cocaine in an attempt to smuggle the drugs on a flight to japan. the man was taken to the hospital after his arrest on wednesday. >>> on the bay area watch, the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar returns to court in san jose this afternoon. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres might enter a plea today. dna evidence linked him to the case. but lamar's body hasn't been found. >>> a judge is expected to make a final decision today on whether victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion can sue pg&e for punitive damages. the san mateo county judge has tentatively decided against the utility in this case. more than 350 people have filed suit over the deadly explosion from two years ago. >>> 6:41. in baseball, the world series trophy and the world champs are back home where they belon[ applause and cheers ] >> the giants got a huge welcome on the team buses outside at&t p
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